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Adult and Community Education

As a lifelong learner, you can use Adult and Community Education (ACE) to help you:

  • expand your skills and knowledge
  • prepare for possible career change
  • gain a sense of personal achievement.

You may be wondering:

  • Why would you take an ACE course?
  • How can ACE help your career?

Why would you take an ACE course?

The advantages of ACE courses are that they are:

  • available in a wide range of subjects
  • flexible
  • short
  • part-time
  • not as expensive as formal courses.

All courses present organised activities with a learning goal; these may include classes, small group activities, one-to-one learning and interaction with technology.

Mostly, there are no specific entry requirements for ACE courses, although some vocational or advanced courses assume that you have certain knowledge and skills. Age requirements vary from state to state, particularly if a course is offered in conjunction with a provider that offers programs for younger ages.

Concessions and discounts are available to eligible people for many of the courses.

How can ACE help your career?

Adult and Community Education can help you to:

  • create a path back to formal study
  • improve your English and literacy skills
  • engage in professional development
  • develop your life skills
  • learn business skills
  • explore the possibility of changing your career
  • re-enter the workforce
  • balance your life better
  • build a career portfolio.

Returning to study

English and literacy

If you need to improve your English and literacy skills, ACE has courses for all levels of English users, from beginners right through to advanced. These can help you open up further study and work options.

Professional development

Life skills

Business skills

To start and grow an enterprise, business people need to be skilled, capable and experienced in many areas. When their business expands, they must respond quickly to market movements.

Career change

As a career changer, what careers are open to you? With ACE courses, you can explore skills and knowledge in career fields similar to your present one, or experiment with courses relating to very different careers.

For example, an administrator considering a career in accountancy can start exploring the field by taking a MYOB course. Or a homemaker can check out the finance industry by going to a seminar about the stock market and investments.

Re-entering the workforce

Life balance

A career is more than a job; it includes the skills, knowledge and experience you gain in the various life roles you undertake. Taking ACE leisure courses, programs about community issues, or workshops about non-work-related topics that interest you allows you to cultivate aspects of yourself that may not find expression in your regular work.

Career portfolio

  • learn
  • be committed to completing tasks
  • acquire skills and knowledge
  • follow your interest in a field of study
  • direct your own ongoing learning
  • willingly grow as a person.

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