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Animal care courses

Animals are immensely important in our lives: they feed us, clothe us, entertain us and keep us company. Domestic and domesticated animals are completely dependent on us. Even animals in the wild are hugely impacted by human behaviour. It is, therefore, very important that we look after the animals in our lives to the best of our ability. “We” means pet owners, farmers, scientists and researchers, zoos, and punters who enjoy racing and other animal sports. Providing adequate care for an animal requires knowledge, dedication and love, as any pet owner will tell you.

It may not be necessary for pet owners to acquire a certificate in puppy care before adopting a little mutt, but workers at the RSPCA or other adoption agency could definitely benefit from one. Courses in pet care and pet obedience would also be useful.

There are many careers connected to the care of pets, and Studynow has the courses to get you started, or to send you further down your career path. For trainers of companion dogs, assistance dogs, police dogs and guide dogs, courses in dog behaviour are essential. The same is probably true for breeders, pet groomers and pet shop owners. Of course, dogs are not the only pets we keep. A course in general pet care will help parents when the kids bring home cats, birds, fish, rabbits, reptiles and amphibians, guinea pigs, hamsters or mice.

Animal Care Courses