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The word aviation immediately conjures up visions of aeroplanes soaring into the sky with an intrepid pilot at the controls. While it is true that without a pilot no plane would go anywhere, it is just as true that without the support of ground and cabin crew, no flights would even take off, certainly not with passengers on board.

The front line ground crew are the ticketing and check-in personnel.
Ticketing is insanely complicated with as many as 17 different fares in coach class alone.
Airlines usually train their own staff, but as airlines, hotels and travel agents all use the same booking network, being trained to operate within that network opens the door to jobs in many areas of the travel industry. offers Gallileo Certification, an entry to travel jobs anywhere in the also has courses for would-be Passenger Service Agents and Cabin Crew. A Passenger Service Agent Diploma familiarizes you with the aviation industry overall and its regulation; geography, time zones and airport codes; visas and foreign currency, and airport security. This generic knowledge gives you a big advantage when competing for a job with a particular airline.

The same is true for cabin crew, those patient people who cater to the needs of passengers in flight. A successfully completed Cabin Crew Course can lead not only to a job flying to exciting destinations, but also airline hospitality and customer service positions.

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