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Safety Institute of Australia - B/fast Series - "When is there too Much Safety" - 25 Jul 08 

Safety Institute of Australia Breakfast Series - 25 July 2008

"When is there too much Safety"
Presenter: Jim Truscott

7.30 - 9.30am - Matilda Bay Restaurant

SIAWA Breakfast Series

Jim Truscott will make a provocative and interrogative presentation on the boundaries of acceptable risk. He will use personal experiences from mortal combat in East Timor and Rhodesia, high-altitude mountaineering in the Himalayas, inter-archipelagic sea kayaking and other fields of endeavour to both entertain and strike at the heart of societal norms of behaviour. He will challenge people eating bacon and eggs to reflect upon the workplace and how humans behave in unsafe situations where time is short, consequences of failure are significant, and fatigue is likely. He will seek those drinking orange juice to determine just how low ALARP should be, and what should be done in the absence of AHARA. He will ask hard and dumb questions as to how much mitigation is enough and whether more risk should be taken. An underlying tenant in the presentation will be the importance of having a leader who understands how people’s values and beliefs influence how they behave, how people make decisions, how people develop and work in teams, how people communicate, and how people think about leadership.
PRESENTER: JIM TRUSCOTT- CEO Truscott – Crisis Leaders
Jim Truscotthas been a Crisis Practitioner for his entire career initially in government special operations where he was intimately involved in coordinating strategic responses to regional and global crises. His twenty-six years military experience includes strategic and operational, high-risk international engagements, six command appointments in operational Army units and three staff positions in joint headquarters. His operational experience includes serving as a Commonwealth Monitor with the 1st Psychological Operations Unit at the end of the Rhodesian bush war in 1979; controlling SAS participation during multiple crises in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and Kuwait; the peace operations in Bougainville, East Timor, Solomon Islands and Fiji; the fish poaching from the Southern Ocean; and the security for the Sydney Olympics from 1996 through to 2000. Jim is now the CEO of Truscott - Crisis Leaders.
This is a must attend session.
WHEN: Friday, 25th July 2008
WHERE: Matilda Bay Restaurant, Hackett Drive, Crawley

PARKING: Public car parking is available
TIME: 7.15am – 9.00am (includes a hot breakfast)
COST: Members: $38.50 (GST Incl)
Non-Members: $48.50 (GST Incl).
NB: The person registering for the above course will be held responsible for the payment.
CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations are subject to 72 hours notice before the event as numbers for catering are required to be confirmed with the venue 72 hours prior to the event.



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