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Anyone who has tried a new salon and got a really bad haircut will appreciate the importance of rigorous training for hairdressers. It is true that hair grows, so a bad haircut does not last for long, but the growing out time can be quite stressful.

Hairdressing in Australia is needs a trade qualification. This means that there are formal requirements which must be met before you can become a qualified hairdresser. The standard requirement is a Certificate III in Hairdressing. This level certificate covers cutting and styling, colouring hair as well as chemical treatments. Consulting with clients is also included.

The higher level Certificate IV in Hairdressing allows qualified hairdressers to develop their skills in more specialized areas of hairdressing and other beauty services, in addition to developing skills in supervision. Besides direct work with clients, a hairdresser may be interested in managing a salon, or even owning their own salon. For this a Diploma of Hairdressing Salon Management is necessary.

Besides the certificate and diploma courses offered through registered training organizations by, training may be achieved through an apprenticeship which combines structured training with paid employment. In fact, some states and territories require that the Certificate III in Hairdressing is completed as part of an apprenticeship. In some areas hairdressers who complete an apprenticeship are also required to be formally registered. The roads to recognition vary, but the end result is a well-paid, always-in-demand career.


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