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Horticulture Courses 

Horticultural Studies: Horticulture is an industry of major importance to the economy of Australia. The industry continues to employ many professional and technical people in many exciting areas of employment and self-employment opportunites. Recent trends in the demand for horticultural products and services have resulted in the growth of this industry and a large variety of career outcomes".

Careers in the Horticulture:

There are many varied career paths to explore when entering the field of Horticulture.  These include just some of the following:

  • Environmental Planning
  • Landscape Design and Construction
  • Parks and Gardens Management
  • Flower Production
  • Research
  • Retail Nursery and Garden Centre Management
  • Tree Management / Arborist
  • Turf Management
  • Wholesale Nursery

Below is a range of exciting Horticulture Courses that are certainly worth exploring.  


Agriculture, Arboriculture & Horticulture Courses

For a career in today's farming or horticultural industry you’ll need a balance of practical and academic qualifications. There are a wide selection of agriculture, arboriculture and horticulture courses available, covering far reaching topics from the ancient art of Bonsai, to horse care, to courses in viticulture for those interested in the wine making industry. Browse the courses that interest you, then click the green button to request an information pack.