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Massage Courses in Dandenong 

Massage Courses

Massage therapy is a rewarding and interesting profession. It offers full and part-time employment opportunities.

Massage Therapists are currently being employed in:
  • the health and fitness industry in clinics, sports clubs and gymnasiums
    • the recreation and tourism industry in major hotels, health resorts and retreats
    • the medical and paramedical industry in medical centres, with osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and in rehabilitation centres
    • the sports industry, by sporting teams, clubs and individual athletes.

    A high proportion of Massage Therapists are self-employed, operating their own clinics/businesses.

    Personal Requirements
    To massage effectively and with care, a Massage Therapist requires theoretical knowledge of the structure and function of the body, practical training in applied massage therapy techniques and the following personal attributes:
    • Interest in health and natural science
    • Physical and mental stamina
    • Manual co-ordination, dexterity and sensitivity
    • Patience and concern for people
    • Balanced and confident personality
    • Responsible and mature attitude
    • Sensitivity towards clients
    • Clean and tidy disposition.