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Professional Scriptwriting `92520

Scriptwriting is an exciting and potentially lucractive field requiring a rich imagination and specialised writing skills.

The Australian College of Journalism's Professional Scriptwriting course will introduce you to the skills needed to get a start in this glamorous field. You'll learn how to develop an idea into a script, how to break a story into scenes and - most importantly - how write convincing dialogue.

During your studies, you will look at developing scripts and screenplays for a variety of film, television and video projects. You’ll also be brought up to speed on important business aspects of the industry, such as finding an agent and selling your finished material.
What you will learn
- Agents - 'Call my agent'
- Breaking scenes and dividing dialogue
- The wonderful world of documentaries
- Screenplays today - industry feedback
- Introduction to scriptwriting
- How to develop a screenplay
- The professional script - your first steps
- The real thing: It's time to write your own screenplay!

Included extras
- Video
- Script template
- Frequently Asked Questions Booklets X 2

Career prospects
As a professional scriptwriter, you are only limited by your own ambition and imagination. With solid scriptwriting skills, you could find yourself working on corporate training videos, soapie scripts, short film projects... or you could aim high and set your sights on writing the next big Hollywood blockbuster!

Potential job titles include:
- Screenwriter
- Script Editor
- Scriptwriter


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