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Vocational Graduate Diploma Of Counselling Family Therapy

AIPC’s Vocational Graduate Diploma of Counselling provides a higher level, vocational and flexible alternative to traditional Post Graduate courses offered by Universities. These courses help counsellors with relevant qualifications or experience acquire extended, advanced and specialist learning in counselling fields, without comprising on the quality or level of education.

A Vocational Graduate Diploma will give you higher level knowledge and skills, leading to better outcomes with clients, and greater recognition and referral from allied health professionals. As a specialist counsellor with a Vocational Graduate Diploma, there are many opportunities for you as an employee or in private practice.

Family Therapy

The Family Therapy Specialty Stream begins with examining and applying key concepts from first and second order family therapy theories such as Bowen, Minuchin, Satir, and Shazer. The contributions of leading family therapy theorists are evaluated, and concepts including family structure, multi-generational patterns, triangulation, language and narratives are covered.

The Stream progresses onto developing and applying narrative intervention initiatives in family therapy including evaluation of dominant social and cultural narratives on individuals and families, and integrating narrative interventions into family therapy processes.

The third unit concentrates on employing systemic practice techniques in Family Therapy. You facilitate a variety of family interventions based on the works of Bowen and Minuchin. Skills include family assessment interviews, genograms, family patterns and communication transactions, relationship boundary marking and modification using a culturally-sensitive framework.

The Family Therapy Specialty Stream progresses into coordinating interventions for children and adolescents, adopting a collaborative approach to goal setting and intervention planning appropriate to the client’s stage of development.

The final unit of this Stream applies risk management and crisis intervention procedures in the practice of family therapy. Responding appropriately and efficiently to risk situations, managing disclosures of abuse and/or violence, and following up the effectiveness of crisis intervention procedures are covered. There is also an emphasis on supervision, debriefing and self care.

We understand that in today’s fast paced world it can be difficult to find the time to gain a qualification, particularly at the graduate level. For this reason we have a strong focus on making our graduate programs as accessible and flexible to your needs as possible.

The most effective way to gain specialist professional knowledge is through the Institute’s Vocational Graduate Diploma of Counselling.

Vocational Graduate Diplomas are vocationally focused. They skill students with highly practical, applicable vocational and occupational expertise for the workplace, underpinned by an extensive theoretical base.

Vocational Graduate Diplomas provide a higher level, vocational alternative to traditional Post Graduate courses offered by Universities. Vocational Graduate Diplomas provide extended, advanced and specialist learning for those who may not meet entry requirements to Post Graduate courses or do not want the additional time or cost constraints of traditional University, theory-based Post Graduate education. Vocational Graduate Diplomas, though, do not compromise on the quality or level of education.

The Institute’s Vocational Graduate Diploma is:

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  • Practical. Vocational Graduate Diplomas are a careful blend of theory and practical application, designed to provide you the best platform on which to develop your specialist knowledge and expertise to an advanced level. The Institute’s Vocational Graduate Diploma of Counselling skills students with an advanced level of practical counselling skill in specialist and complex counselling scenarios, built on a thorough foundation of theory.
  • Accessible. Vocational Graduate Diplomas are designed to allow entry from a variety of vocational and graduate pathways. They are an ideal extension of learning for those with a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Bachelor qualification.
  • Flexible. All Institute programs are designed to fit around your other life commitments. Our courses can be completed externally by working through your course material at home. This is particularly useful if you have other obligations in your life that occupy your time. The practical components can be completed at your convenience in a local seminar, or by alternate means. Our courses are self paced, allowing you to progress at a speed that suits you; either moderately according to your lifestyle commitments, or faster if you wish to gain your graduate qualification more rapidly.
  • Cost effective. A Vocational Graduate Diploma is the most cost effective way to gain a graduate qualification.
  • Specialist. Vocational Graduate Diplomas are designed to enhance your theoretical understanding and experiential skills to an advanced level in specific areas. For this reason they’re the ideal way to educate in your area of interest. Graduates of the program also satisfy educational entry requirements for membership of the Australian Counselling Association's Professional Colleges.
  • Time efficient. The Vocational Graduate Diploma offered by the Institute can be completed in around 12-months.

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