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Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing Online Course

Commercial Organic Vegetable Growing Online Course

Learn the processes required to tap into the commercial organic vegetable market; this extensive course provides a wealth of knowledge and practical skills and shows you how to market your produce.

Organic vegetables are crops with a future. The demand for organically grown vegetables is currently a major growth area in commercial horticulture. This course is a good starting point in learning all aspects of organic vegetable production.

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There are 12 lessons in this course:

  • Introduction - The origins of organic farming, and the certification process involved with organic production. Understand the scientific naming system of plants in this lesson to develop a knowing of where plant names come from
  • Cultivation and Planting - Understand the role of organic growing in vegetable production and different methods for this.
  • Soils and Nutrition - Understand the physical and chemical properties of soils and how they affect plant growth.
  • Soil Management- Compost, green manure crops, and the basis of all plant health.
  • Review of Major Vegetable Varieties - A-Z of common vegetable varieties and their growing requirements.
  • Pests and Disease - Undertanding pest and disease problems, Intergrated Pest Management system and common pest solutions the organic way.
  • Seed - How to collect, and germinate your own seeds.
  • Greenhouse Growing - The various methods of growing in greenhouses and how to manage them.
  • Lesser Grown Varieties and Herbs- Have a look at some of the herbs you can grow and also some of the vegetables that are not grown as often but are still useful.
  • Irrigation - Types of irrigation and the methods of use.
  • Mulching - Types of mulch and the benefits of using it.
  • Harvesting and Marketing- Different methods for harvesting, storing and marketing your fresh organic produce.


  • Discuss general horticulture and plant taxonomy principles
  • Describe a range of cultivation and planting techniques
  • Explain soil properties, and their relationship to organic plant production
  • Diagnose basic soil nutrient deficiencies
  • Discus major and minor commercial vegetable varieties
  • Describe a variety of pest and disease management principles
  • Explain the use of seed in commercial organic agriculture, including storage, viability, germination, genetic purity, and hybridisation
  • Discuss the principles of greenhouse growing
  • Describe a variety of irrigation methods suitable for organic vegetable production
  • Explain organic weed control methods
  • Explain issues relating to harvesting and marketing of vegetables

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