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Counselling Skills A (Introduction) Online Course

Counselling Skills A (Introduction) Online Course

Counselling Skills is an online course that entails the practical and psychological side of the counselling process. Learn counselling skills in the comfort of your own home through our distance learning setting. Develop an understanding of the fundamental practical skills used in counselling. Completion of this course will equip you to conduct counselling sessions.

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There are 8 lessons in this course:

  • Learning Specific Skills: Methods of learning; learning micro-skills
  • Listening and Bonding: Meeting and greeting; helping the client relax; listening with intent
  • Reflection: Paraphrasing; reflection of feeling; client responses to reflection of feelings; reflection of content and feeling
  • Questioning: Open and closed questions; other types of questions; goals of questioning
  • Interview Techniques: Summarising; confrontation; reframing
  • Changing Beliefs and Normalising: Changing self-destructive beliefs; irrational beliefs; normalising
  • Finding Solutions: Making choices; facilitating actions; gestalt awareness circle; psychological blocks
  • Ending the Counselling: Terminating the session; closure; further meetings; dependency, confronting dependency

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