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Counselling Skills B Online Course

Counselling Skills B Online Course

Do you already have some counseling skills, but would like to be able to improve, enhance, and take them further? If so, then Counseling Skills B is the right course for you.

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Psychology

Follows on from: Counselling Skills A

Counselling Skills B Online Course

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  • The Counselling Session: How Micro-Skills come together
  • Focus on the Present: Present experiences; Feedback; Transference; Projection; Resistance
  • Telephone Counselling: Visual v non-visual contact; Preparation; Initial contact; Use of micro-skills; Overall Process; Debriefing; Types of Problem Callers
  • Dealing with Crises: What is a crisis?; Types of crisis; Dangers of Crises; Counsellor's Responses and Intervention; Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Problem-Solving Techniques I, Aggression: Assisting the Client to Express Anger; Encouraging Change; Role-Play; Externalising Anger
  • Problem-Solving Techniques II, Depression: Counselling Depression; Blocked Anger; Referral Practice; Chronic Depression; Setting Goals; Promoting Action
  • Problem-Solving Techniques III, Grief and Loss: Loss of Relationships; Assisting the Grieving Client; Stages of Grief
  • Problem-Solving Techniques IV, Suicide: Ethics; Reasons for Suicide; Perceived Risk; Counselling Strategies; Counselling Skills; Alternative Approach


  • Demonstrate the application of micro skills to different stages of the counselling process.
  • Role-play the dynamics of the counselling process including such phenomenon as present experiences, feedback, transference, counter-transference, projection and resistance.
  • Demonstrate telephone counselling techniques.
  • Develop appropriate responses to crises, both emotional and practical. Show ways of encouraging the client to deal with aggression.
  • Demonstrate different ways of encouraging the client to cope with depression.
  • Discuss strategies for dealing with grief.
  • Develop different strategies of helping suicidal clients.

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