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Family Counselling Online Course

Family Counselling Online Course

Learn to Counsel Families

  • Develop a better understanding of family Dynamics, and a capacity to analyze and facilitate solutions to problems that emerge in modern families.
  • This course can be useful for anyone working or involved in marriage counselling, family counselling or family services.
  • If you are interested in a career in social work then this course will provide an excellant start.

Study with the support of experienced and highly qualified tutors. Available as online course, or by correspondence. Payment Plans available.

There are 10 lessons in this course:

  • Nature & Scope of Families
  • Family Dynamics
  • History
  • Identifying Problems
  • Support Structures
  • Approaches to Family Therapy I
  • Approaches to Family Therapy II
  • Conducting Initial Interviews/Sessions
  • Considering Solutions
  • PBL or Case Study(studies)


  • Describe family diversity in terms of a variety of factors including structure and function.
  • Explain the interactions and motivations at work in different families.
  • Describe how we have dealt with family problems in the past; then evaluate the results of these past strategies, and learn from those results.
  • Determine precisely what problems exist in a family; and evaluate the relative significance of those different problems.
  • Identify and compare support options that may be available to a family with problems
  • Understand what is meant by a family systems approach to counselling and describe different theoretical perspectives.
  • Describe further theoretical approaches to family therapy and understand the usefulness of an integrated approach.
  • Plan the initial interview for a couple or for a family, in need of counselling.
  • Identify optional approaches for counselling a family or couple with problems.
  • Plan a program of counselling and if relevant, other strategies, to address a family or couple in crisis.

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