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Medicinal Herbs Online Course

Learn to Grow and Prepare Medicinal Herbs

Explore the fascinating world of herbs, and lay a foundation for understanding how these fascinating plants can be used to compliment our state of health and wellbeing.

Herbs have been used for medicines over thousands of years. Some can be very effective if used appropriately, while others have the potential to be dangerous.

Being only eight lessons (100 hours), this course cannot hope to make you an "expert", but it does set you on the right course, teaching you the basics of how to identify and correctly administer herbs for medicinal purposes. 

Study with the support of experienced and highly qualified tutors. Available as online course, or by correspondence. Payment Plans available.

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  • Introduction to Medicinal Herbs
  • Culture of Medicinal Herbs
  • History
  • Main Medicinal Herbs
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Preparing Herbal remedies
  • Poisonous Plants
  • Developing a Production Plan


  • Distinguish between medicinal herbs in cultivation including twenty-five different genera and fifty different varieties.
  • Discuss the history of medicinal herb usage.
  • Compare the chemical components of different medicinal herbs in terms of their general affect on the human body.
  • Prepare simple and safe herbal remedies in a domestic situation.
  • Explain the potential dangers involved in dealing with plants.
  • Prepare a schedule of cultural practices for a medicinal herb crop.
  • Develop a production plan for a medicinal herb crop.

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