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Scented Plants Online Course

Distance Learning Scented Plants

Lean to grow a scented garden, or grow scented plants as crops for use in crafts, potpurri and more.  This course covers all aspects of plant types, cultivation, harvest, varieties and commercial applications.

Study with the support of experienced and highly qualified tutors. Available as online course, or by correspondence. Payment Plans available.

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  • Introduction
  • Culture
  • Crafts from Scented Plants and Herbs
  • Harvesting and Processing
  • Commonly Grown Varieties
  • Other Important Scented Plants
  • Commercial Applications
  • Special Assignment


  • Know the plant naming system and the uses of scented plants. There are many ways you might classify scented plants.
  • Develop a foundation for understanding and identifying scented plants by becoming familiar with families that these plants belong to.
  • Understand the cultural requirements of a range of scented plants. Learn how prevention is always the best cure. Try to keep the environment friendly to the helpful insects, a healthy soil structure with added compost, and maintain suitable environmental conditions for the plant. If you don’t have the right plant in the right place, they tend to struggle more.
  • Know how to make a range of products and uses for scented plants.
  • Describe methods of drying herbs, making potpourri, cosmetic products, lavender crafts and rose crafts
  • Explain harvest and post harvest techniques. If you are to reap the benefits of quality produce, crops must be handled properly during harvest and post harvest.Look at the the various methods for harvesting herbs.
  • Discuss a range of the most commonly grown scented plants. Many scented plants are also commonly known as herbs however there are many that are not herbs but still have a wonderful scent and should be considered for inclusion in a scented garden.
  • Discuss a range of the less commonly grown scented plants
  • Explain commercial applications of scented plants.

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