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Supervision Online Course

Supervision Online Course

Develop an understanding of factors affecting supervision and strategies for more effective supervision to increase productivity. It is relevant to both supervisors and potential supervisors.

The key to success of any company or organisation is good management and the key to good management is the Supervisor. Good supervision is important to the successful management of any venture, large or small, profit motivated, social, charity, educational or personal in scope

Study with the support of experienced and highly qualified tutors. Available as online course, or by correspondence. Payment Plans available.

There are 10 lessons in this course:

  • Introduction - Organisational structures & responsibilities.
  • Understanding the work place - Government and private personnel departments, unions.
  • Communications and human relations.
  • Motivating employees.
  • Organising the work place.
  • Problem solving techniques.
  • Discipline, complaints and grievances.
  • Interviewing, recruitment, training.
  • Work place safety.
  • Dealing with management/worker participation/ report writing/ staff meetings.


  • Explain and create an organisational chart.
  • Describe the five basic kinds of Unions.
  • Report on what you expect to achieve by practicing good human relations.
  • Define objectives, goals, tasks to be achieved.
  • Describe what steps should be taken before re organising a section or department?
  • Draw up a work area for an office, factory etc.
  • Show step by step how you would work through the problem solving technique systematically, in order to determine a good way of dealing with this problem.
  • Write a diplomatic letter to a union in response to a complaint.
  • Draw up a suitable advertisement for a position of a "Salesperson"
  • Explain the methods most frequently used to train new employees.

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