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Certificate In Nutritional Counselling

This course provides a strong grounding in human nutrition and the basic skills needed to advise or counsel people in this area. It is ideal for those with existing qualifications in health, hospitality, food technology or related disciplines.

The course is also suitable for students who want to provide general nutritional advice to improve fitness and wellbeing through diet, or to improve their own diet. Students will NOT be qualified to advise others on medical or health problems, based on this course alone; but the course may be a foundation for working in food industries, health food retailing, administration and health support.

Lesson Structure

To obtain this certificate you must satisfactorily complete all set tasks and assessments of three (3) core modules and three (3) electives from a chosen list, to ensure the course is tailored to your needs or choice!

Note that each module in the Certificate is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

Core Modules

  • Human Nutrition Foundations (I)
  • Understanding Human Nutrition (II)
  • Advanced Human Nutrition (III)

Elective Modules

  • Human Biology - Human Anatomy & Physiology (IA)
  • Introduction to Sports Nutrition
  • Life Coaching