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Graduate Certificate In Aviation Management

The Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management provides flexible delivery for distance learning in the areas of aviation human factors and management. It has been developed in response to a recognised need in the aviation industry. The program combines topics from aviation human factors and management and can be adapted to accommodate specific areas of interest of students from diverse backgrounds. Applications are encouraged from all areas of the industry, especially flight crew, cabin crew, maintenance crew, ground crew, administration, military and government authorities.

Why study with us?
Students undertaking the Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management gain access to contemporary issues in aviation. This degree program combines management skills to the situations and demands of the aviation management industry. This applied degree will provide you with industry-relevant skills and knowledge that can open up further management career options within the aeronautical industry.

Career Opportunities

The understanding and insight you gain on this program will benefit you as it has done many others, including commercial and military pilots, air traffic controllers and maintenance engineers. As well as assisting you to pursue your chosen career route, you'll find this qualification eases the transition between specialties, for example in moving from the military to government or consultation activities, or moving between commercial aviation organisations.

Admission Requirements

Applications for admission are initially assessed on the basis of an undergraduate degree (in relevant area and with a GPA of 4.5 or higher) but, for those who fall outside this criterion, applications for admission are assessed on the basis of "admission points". The Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management requires 60 admission points.

Selection Criteria

  • Additional Selection Criteria:
  • Alternative entry will be assessed on the basis of the admission points scheme as below.
  • Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in a relevant area or equivalent from an approved institution:100 points
  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent from an approved institution with a Grade Point Average less than 4.5:80 points
  • An incomplete undergraduate degree or equivalent from an approved institution (with a Grade Point Average of 4.0 or greater):up to 50 points (depending on number of units successfully completed)
  • An AQF approved diploma or Associate Diploma or equivalent from an approved institution:up to 50 points
  • Approved professional qualifications:up to 100 points (with Aircrew; Air Traffic Control; Maintenance Engineers qualifications worth up to 70 points each)
  • Work Experience:20 points per year(to a maximum 60 points)
  • Related area of research/management project completed with appropriate documentation:up to 50 points
  • Statement of aims & achievements/interview:up to 20 points

Credit Transfer

Students can articulate from the Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management to the Master of Aviation Management.

International Students

International students can only study this program online and must comply with the University's English Language proficiency requirements before an application is accepted.

Special Needs

The support structures of the Student Support Unit will be available to assist any students with a disability or chronic illness. The Faculty and School accepts responsibility, in liaison with the Student Support Unit, for providing reasonable accommodations to allow students with disabilities to complete the program.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can draw on the assistance and support provided by the Indigenous Student Support and Development service through the Wollotuka Institute.

Requirements and Structure

The program can be completed over one trimester of full-time study or longer if preferred. Courses are offered on a trimester basis. Students may commence studies in January, May or September.

The Graduate Certificate program comprises four approved courses with a total value of 40 units. Students select two courses from Group A (20 units) and two courses from Group B (20 units). The only recommendations are that AVIA6110 and AVIA6120 are taken rather than AVIA6130 and AVIA6140.

Students who have satisfactorily completed the requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management, may proceed to the Master of Aviation Management with full credit for studies completed.