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Master Of Midwifery Studies

The Master of Midwifery Studies is an online coursework masters degree that requires the completion of courses that total 120 units of study. The online program is organised into trimesters to allow busy midwives who have multiple roles and competing responsibilities to study at times suitable to them.

Why study with us?
We have skilled and clinically experienced midwifery education staff; headed by a Professor of Midwifery who will provide individual enrolment advice based on your career goals. Our program includes content that encompasses the latest theory and evidence of relevance to midwifery practice. There are a wide range of electives which allow students to focus their studies in the areas of greatest relevance; advanced practice, management or research or a combination. The program is flexibly delivered so that students can stay in their own home locations. Depending upon the courses studied there are some face to face teaching days where attendance is recommended but is neither essential nor compulsory.

Career Opportunities

A Masters degree is seen as necessary for any management, education or clinical midwife consultant role. Therefore midwives seeking to advance their careers enroll in Masters degrees.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Midwifery (or equivalent) -Registered midwife with a Graduate Diploma in Midwifery (or equivalent) or -Registered midwives who have not undertaken a tertiary qualification can submit documentation to be assessed for academic credit.

Credit Transfer
Applicants who have completed a Graduate Diploma in Midwifery can receive 60 units of credit. These students need only complete 20 Core courses and 40 units of study from the list of Directed Courses. Midwives applying for academic credit need to provide evidence of current practice. Evidence for credit could include (but is not limited to) documented midwifery experience as a midwife, education, training and qualifications such as an Antenatal Education Certificate, a Lactation Consultant qualification, an Advanced Life Support, Obstetrics (ALSO) certificate, a Certificate 4 in an appropriate field (eg Teaching and Learning), a certificate from a mentoring program with evidence of perceptoring/mentoring in the clinical area, a major policy writing role in a maternity unit, or other evidence which shows a commitment to midwifery practice at 'masters level'. No academic credit applies for courses completed at Bachelor's level.

Professional Accreditation

In line with the NSW Nurses Award the completion of a relevant Masters degree may attract a payment of over $30 per week.

Special Needs

The Faculty accepts that it is responsible for providing reasonable accommodations for students with special needs, in liaison with the Student Support Unit, which offers practical assistance and advice to students with a disability or chronic illness. The Faculty will seek advice from the Student Support Unit as to what constitutes "reasonable accommodations" under Anti-Discrimination legislation.

Requirements and Structure

The Master of Midwifery Studies requires 120 units of courses to be successfully completed. Those who have successfully completed the Graduate Diploma in Midwifery from the University of Newcastle receive 60 units of credit and are required to undertake 60 units of study in the Master of Midwifery Studies (3 Core Courses and 30 units of Directed Courses). Those without a Graduate Diploma in Midwifery undertake 120 units of study (3 Core Courses and 90 units of Directed Courses).