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Certificate In Human Biology

Certificate In Human Biology

This is a Comprehensive course in Human Biology. Which consits of introduction to Anatomy and Physiology and an In depth knowledge of Anatomy and Physionlogy.

You will have 3 units:

Human Biology 1 - Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy II

Physiology II

This is a great Certificate for people wanting to study biological sciences in the Uni or for people working in Health care industry wanting an indepth knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology.

What you might do once you complete the course:

Do a Health Sciences Degree at Univeristy
Work as a Para medic
Work in Health care centres
Work in Aged care centres

The course contents are:

Human Biology 1 - Anatomy and Physiology

1. Cells & Tissues -
Explains the human body at a microscopic level, including the structure and function of cells, tissues and membranes.

2. The Skeleton -
Examines features of the human skeletal system.

3. The Muscular System -
Describes the human muscular system, in terms of structure and basic function.

4. The Nervous System –
Looks at the human nervous system, in terms of structure and basic functions.

5. Digestion & Excretion -
Explains different physiological systems of digestion and excretion in the body.

6. Physiological Systems –
Focuses on the different physiological systems of the body.

Anatomy II

1. Surface Anatomy

2. Gross Anatomy

3. Systemic Anatomy

4. Regional Anatomy

5. Radiographic Anatomy

6. Histology

7. Cytology

Physiology II

1. Cell Physiology

2. Histophysiology

3. Systems Physiology

4. Neurophysiology

5. Endocrinology

6. Cardiovascular Physiology

7. Immunology

8. Respiratory Physiology

9. Renal Physiology

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