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Relationship Communications Counselling

Relationship Communications Counselling

Many of us wear a number of different hats – we are partner (husband/wife), daughter, son, mother, father, uncle, aunty, sister, brother, friend, colleague etc. We are also members of a number of different groups – work, sports team, local community group, political group, fire and rescue volunteer, advisory committee, advocacy panel etc.

Develop your understanding of the role communication plays in creating, maintaining or destroying relationships, and your ability to assist others to improve their relationships communications.
This course is useful both for those who work in counselling, to people who manage relationships in a work place (eg. supervisors of work teams), or individuals who simply seek to better understand the dynamics of relationships between people in every day life.

The course is divided into seven lessons:

1. Communication in emerging relationships

2. Communication behaviour and needs

3. Communication and the environment

4. Communication patterns in relationships

5. Maintaining relationships

6. Relationship breakdown

7. Evaluation of communication techniques within relationships

What you will learn:
  • To examine the importance of communication in emergent relationships and its changing role within relationships;
  • To understand different influences affecting and changing interpersonal needs over the lifespan;
  • To recognise the role of cultural and physical environmental influences on communication;
  • To identify and examine patterns of communication in close relationships;
  • To understand constructive and destructive methods of maintaining relationships;
  • To discuss patterns of relationship breakdown and the role of constructive and destructive communication;
  • To consider the effectiveness of different communication techniques in relationships.

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