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The ICI executive secretarial and personal assistant course has been designed in conjunction with industry representatives and helps you learn the skills you need to succeed quickly and conveniently.


A Career in Office Administration

•    Working as an office administrator
•    What is an office administrator?
•    Specialization options
•    Managing your career
•    Looking for a job
•    Writing a resume
•    Job interviews and concluding an interview

Working in an office

•    Working in an organization
•    Office organization
•    Working with people
•    Supervising staff
•    Business ethics and etiquette
•    Legal issues and ethics
•    Business etiquette
•    General office management
•    Managing office supplies
•    Photocopiers
•    Computer printers
•    Organizing workstations

Planning meetings

•    Organizing meetings
•    Agendas and teleconferencing
•    Taking minutes

Records Management

•    Business records
•    What are business records?
•    Destroying records
•    Filing systems
•    Common filing systems
•    Alphabetical filing standards
•    Paper-based records
•    Filing cabinets
•    Using folders
•    Managing non-paper records


•    What is a computer?
•    Types and uses of computers
•    CPUs and memory
•    Storage, input, and output devices
•    Storage devices
•    Input devices
•    Output devices
•    Databases
•    Networks


•    Types of software
•    The Windows 95 interface
•    Word processors
•    Spreadsheet software

Organizing Travel

•    Making reservations
•    Travel information
•    Flight reservations
•    Hotels and car rental
•    International travel
•    Arranging foreign travel
•    Foreign customs
•    Organizing funds and documents


Reception skills

•    Communicating with people
•    Body language
•    Comfort zones and tone of voice
•    Receiving visitors
•    Telephone techniques
•    Telephones in the office
•    Incoming calls / Outgoing calls
•    Dealing with mail
•    Incoming / Outgoing mail
•    Faxes

Written Communication

•    Planning and drafting documents
•    Audience
•    Purpose and tone
•    Identifying and organizing topics
•    Outlines and rough drafts
•    Editing documents
•    Paragraphs
•    Sentence structure
•    Choice of words

Business Writing Skills

•    Composing business letters
•    Beginning a letter
•    Salutations and closings
•    Composing business documents
•    Short reports
•    Long reports


  • Fast track your career as a executive secretary or personal assistant (PA)
  • Learn the inside secrets of how to become a executive secretary or PA pro in months not years!
  • Study a executive secretary course that was designed in conjunction with leading industry leaders
  • Free up valuable time, don't wast time and money travelling to classes
  • Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are
  • Have access to a tutor who works in the industry you are training for
  • Easy interest free payment plans from as low as $49 per week


An executive secretary or personal assistant is an integral part of a management team, and we find that many of our graduates move into management roles in the years after they leave the institute.

Your training will prepare you for roles in small or large organizations in all industry sectors. It is the variety of opportunity and wealth of available positions that makes these programs so popular. Areas where recent graduates have been employed include:

•    Advertising, marketing and public relations
•    Banking and finance
•    Entertainment
•    Fashion and retail
•    Finance and insurance
•    Travel, hotels and leisure
•    Legal
•    Government
•    Sporting organisations
•    Medical Centres
•    Real Estate
•    Publishing

This extensive training course will equip you with the skills and qualifications to gain employment in a variety of positions including:

•    Personal Assistant
•    Executive Assistant
•    Executive Secretary
•    Receptionist
•    Administration Assistant
•    Office Manager & Bookkeeping Assistant.

This course leads to the awarding of either a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma depending on which level you enrol at. The different levels are achieved by the amount of course content and assessments involved within each module at the basic (Certificate), intermediate (Diploma) and advanced (Advanced Diploma) levels. You will be able to learn about what the difference is between the three levels below:

1.    Certificate: represents a basic level of operational knowledge with general knowledge. Suitable for basic entry level positions.

2.    Diploma: qualifications recognises the graduates capacity for initiative and judgment across a broad range of technical and management functions. Diploma holders typically have personal responsibility and autonomy (semi-independence) in performing technical operations or organising others in the workplace.

3.    Advanced Diploma: The graduate is able to apply a significant range of principles and techniques across various contexts and functions. Graduates can expect to be involved in significant judgments, planning, and leadership/guidance functions related to workplace products, services, operations or procedures.


This entire course is carried out via Distance Learning (also known as correspondence learning). Distance learning is ideal if you need to adapt around work, family, or other commitments. It is also extremely beneficial should you simply wish to fast track your studies (and career) and not be locked into a timetable.


Visit the following web page and scroll down to the bottom to find out when the next enrolment cut off date is:

Places are limited, in demand and entry into the course is on a first come first served basis.

Your enrolment is processed and acknowledged within 24 hours of the Institute receiving your application. You can expect to receive your course within days of enrolling. When you start your ICI course its at your own pace and you determine when you finish. Don't miss out. Enrol today!


1. Enrol Online

The fastest way is to enrol online. Your details are kept secure and we don't share them with anyone.
To enrol online:

1.    Visit:
2.    Scroll down to the bottom of the page
3.    Click on the enrol now button
4.    Complete the secure online form.

2. Enrol via the Phone
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