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RHS Certificate III -Principles Of Plant Growth, Health And Applied Propagation


Develop your ability to describe the principles of plant taxonomy, structure, function and growth, the management of plant health, and plant propagation.

Here are just some of the things you may be doing:
• Demonstrate knowledge of the major divisions of the plant kingdom and an understanding of the taxonomic hierarchy and its relevance to horticultural practice.
• Identify and describe the different types of plant cells and tissues, their structure, and function.
• To understand the role and function of the reproductive parts of the plant and the seed in the plant lifecycle.
• Understand the mechanism and role of photosynthesis and respiration in the metabolism of plants, the role of water in the plant, and the movement of water, solutes, and assimilates through the plant.
• To develop an understanding of the effects of tropisms and other plant movements on growth and development.
• Understand the physical properties of growing media and their significance in relation to plant growth.
• To understand basic chemistry of soils and other growing media, and the relationship between their air and water content and plant growth.
• To understand the role of living organisms in the biological processes of soils and other growing media.
• To understand how nutrients affect plant growth and describe a range of fertilisers and their applications.