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Starbridge Centre


6 Raglan Court
Research VIC Australia
(03) 9437 2438

Starbridge Counselling Centre is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to reach your potential; whether this is through counselling courses that provide you with the understanding you need to become a successful counsellor or assisting you to discover yourself through deeply transformational counselling and group workshops that cut right down to your core.

Because with over 30 years of experience we've been around long enough to learn what works in the field of human development using techniques and approaches that come from a wide area of disciplines not least including C.G. Jung's archetypes and psychotherapy and we bring this experience to you in that when you work with us we know whats going to help you move forward rather than trying to categorise you into someone's theory.
Available Courses
Counselling & Counsellor Skills
Death & Dying
Interpreting & Working With Dreams
Music Therapy & Intuitive Group Work
Transpersonal Counselling & Alternative Psychology