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In this course you will get an overview of the major religious perspectives on death and dying; Christianity, Tibetan, Buddhism, (Sogyal rinposhe and The Dalai Lama), Islam and Hinduism, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Rudolf Steiner, and many more. At the same time you are presented with a series of contemplative tools (guided contemplations) that you can use to help someone to move on regardless of their religious creed or beliefs.

Among the many topics we deal with is prayer vigils, ethics, the use of music, near death experiences, what happens up to the moment of death, and after death; the significance of living a noble life. Some parallels between the process of death and discoveries in modern physics are also touched.

Our culture is undergoing such an unprecedented shift in our beliefs about life and death. Just a short time ago everyone tended to follow the same religion if they were from the same country, so most people tended to have the same beliefs about life, death and religion. While now, our culture is full of diverse and very different points of view about religion, life and death.

The overriding theme of this death & dying course is Compassion, which is to open our heart, to direct our energy towards someone in need, whether it is the passing of a loved one because of old age or disease, or someone somewhere dying because of the seemingly insurmountable forces of nature, it is our compassion and desire to help that can make the difference between a lonely and painful death and a meaningful one.

At the end of the course you can choose to pass an exam and receive a certificate, or you can chose not to, and still get the full benefit of the course, without the certificate.

“Everyone dies, but no one is dead”
His holiness the Dalai Lama

We all die, and having someone to talk to while dying, and someone sending love after death can be just as important for the dead and dying, as feeling loved is for every living person. Powerlessness aggravates fear while feeling able to do something meaningful eases both the feeling of powerlessness and fear.

So this course covers death from practical, religious and esoteric angles. Then gently leads you on to concrete ways of providing support for those who find themselves caring for a dying friend or relative, and tools to meditatively help those who have passed away, regardless of how long ago.

Some of us have had the painful experience of watching the suffering of a dying friend, relative or client, which is a very testing time for all involved. This course is about making a positive difference. Death is a fact. Fortunately how we cope with it is up to us. We invite you to join us in this challenging course and learn what to do to help your loved ones, those towards whom you feel compassion and ultimately yourself.

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