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Interpreting & Working With Dreams

“Working with dreams over a longer period, you will some day realise that what is normally considered for reality and awake life, in its essence is the same as a “dream” - projections of your own energy; a covering up and symbolising of WHAT IS.
From the perspective of the normal ego consciousness, the more dull-minded visions of the dream looks exactly like a lower and more unconscious existence - as a dream.
From the perspective of a meditative, higher consciousness, the normal ego consciousness and daily life looks like a lower and more unconscious way of existence - in other words like a dream” ~ Jes Bertelsen.

Dreams is one of the most accessible doors into our subconscious. Any serious self development must deal with this phenomenon. Ulla and Erik has studied and worked with dreams for more than 40 years, 10 years under the training of the foremost dream expert in Denmark, Jes Bertelsen. This experience has lead to numerous experiential workshops and certificate and diploma courses where dreams has been an integral part of the class teaching at Starbridge Centre. The material presented in this online course is a essence of these teachings, concentrated and yet accessible for the beginner as well as inspiring and adding new material for the advanced student.

Course Structure
  • Ethics

  • The purpose of dreams

  • The Gestalt method

  • C. G. Jung: Individuation

  • Dreams and Wisdom

  • Dreams and the Chakras

  • The aura gramme

  • Dream and consciousness

  • Assessment

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