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Music Therapy & Intuitive Group Work

When you go out, are you going out to have a good time dancing, flirting, maybe drinking while Mozart or Bach plays as background music?

Do you sit quiet, absorbed in the music while Rolling Stones or Eminem plays?

Try this experiment: Think of something that makes you angry, and put on your favourite romantic music, Zamphir, or Elvis Presley or Nusrat Fatay Ali Khan – Listen for a couple of minutes – are you still angry?

Or the other way round: Think of something that makes you relaxed, at ease, optimistic, and put on Eminem!

The obvious conclusion is: Music has a message!

Erik Sandersen has been interested in music all his adult life, and has for a long time used many different genres of music with profound effects in his workshops. This course is a further deepening of the teaching about music present in our transpersonal counselling course, knowledge it will be difficult to find elsewhere, described in easy understandable language and pebbered with music examples right through.

Examples from the teaching:
  • Music operates within a certain range of frequencies a certain level of consciousness; it has a message.

  • A piece of music will, by the law of resonance, bring us to its level of consciousness.

  • If the level the music operates on is above where we are, the music will tend to lift us.

  • If the music is on the same level as where we are, it will tend to lock us there.

  • If the music is below where we are, it will tend to drag us down

  • Music is a universal language, potentially surpassing all barriers. Each organ in the living body has its own rhythm, its own vibration. A healthy person therefore can be described as a person where the different vibrations he or she harbour all works harmoniously together Health thus can be described as music.

Course Structure
  • Ethics

  • Why music workshop

  • The intuitive use of music

  • Music in the working phase

  • Fantasy Journeys

  • Stanislav Grof and music as a stirrer

  • Music, the aura and the chakras

  • The group aura

  • J. S. Bach

  • Music for the dying

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