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Wealth Within Institute

VIC Australia 3122
Contact Person: Ms Lea Zerbes Managing Director
Phone: 1300742738

Share Trading Education

Investing in your future has never been so easy.

There’s no reason why learning how to trade the share market has to be complicated. At the Wealth Within Institute we’re here to make it easy and guide you every step of the way.

With a range of courses to choose from, all teaching you proven techniques to profitably trade the share market, it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete market novice or have had previous trading experience, we are as committed to your financial success as you are.

You’ll enjoy unparalleled backend support, the highest standard of education and a personal relationship with the education team rarely experienced today.

Plus you’ll have the guarantee of excellence that the strategies you’ll learn really do work, as they are the same ones we use to actively trade tens of millions on behalf of our clients.

And you’ll have the piece of mind in knowing you are dealing with a reputable company that is licensed by ASIC and is a Registered Training Organisation.

You see our goal is simple…we give you everything you need to profitably trade so you can achieve your financial goals.

Enquire now! to get more information including the course fees and course handbook.

Invest in your future

We firmly believe that your success in the share market involves the right combination of techniques and strategies to ensure you trade the market safely, confidently and profitably.

It is for this reason that we teach you the classical techniques and strategies of analysis that have proven over the last 100 years to be the essence of success in the share market.

The benefit to you is that Dale Gillham (renowned fund manager, author and educator) and his team have refined these techniques and strategies to present them in a simple, effective, down to earth manner that will ensure you save time and money, which means you will be making money in the markets much sooner than you otherwise would.

Investing time in acquiring these skills will ensure you become a successful and profitable trader.

What Makes Us Different?

With so much hype surrounding the share market, we have sought to raise the bar in the industry to set quality standards in the level of education being delivered by developing Australia’s first and only Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Share Trading and Investment.

This means we guarantee you the highest quality share trading education available in Australia today. It also means that our courses are independent evidence that you will be competent in the techniques and strategies taught.

Our goal has been to ensure clients receive the correct knowledge and skill using a proven and tested investment strategy to directly invest in the share market. No bells, no whistles, just safe profitable returns.

And we have to proudly say that the majority of our clients have achieved just that – although full credit goes to them because as the saying goes, ‘the teacher arrives when the student is ready’.

Enquire now! to get more information including the course fees and course handbook.

Why Do More Australians Choose the Wealth Within Institute?

Because we are serious about your success in the share market - in fact the success of our clients has drawn considerable attention from the media with clients being profiled on A Current Affair, and in the Herald Sun, the Dynamic Small Business Magazine and the Courier Mail.

In a nutshell, the knowledge and practical hands on skill you gain will enable you to confidently formulate trading strategies based on the specialist techniques taught so you can safely and profitably trade the share market.

While expertise takes time to acquire, studying the share market with the Wealth Within Institute means you will develop the right skills and knowledge in a supportive environment whilst working with experts in their field.

What Our Clients are Saying

In a recent survey our clients rated us 4.75 out of 5 for customer service and the quality of the course. The majority stated that the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment far exceeded their expectations and all of them believed it would enable them to achieve their goals of profitably trading the share market.

I cannot speak highly enough of the whole package that is provided by the Wealth Within Institute. I have completed the first three modules of the course and my expectations have certainly been exceeded. The support provided by the team shows that they obviously care about the education and training that their members receive. You definitely feel that you are part of an exclusive and privileged club. Fred S, NSW

Dale I would like to express my gratitude to the Wealth Within Institute for all your support and encouragement. You and your team have been absolutely magnificent and completing the course has been one of the best things I have ever done. I never really made money from shares prior to completing your course; in fact I had lost money. But what a difference it has been since commencing your course. You have really made a difference in my life. Thanks. Paul T, Vic

I really don't know where to start to thank Dale and his team for their fantastic support and assistance throughout the course. I had done a few other courses, but Dale has simplified the training in his course without leaving anything in regards to the art of trading. I have been so impressed with the overall scope of the program that I have been recommending to my family and friends to take hold of the steering wheel of their financial future and make a positive step forward. Doug C, NSW

Enquire now! to get more information including the course fees and course handbook..

Alternatively you can speak to one of our Client Services Consultants by calling 1300 742 738.

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