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Bushcraft & Wilderness Skills Online Course

Learn about Hiking, Camping, Bushwalking, Exploring and leading ecotours and excursions

Survive in the wild! Professional development course, train for a career or to start a business. Work in an outdoor supply or camping shop; or in the tourism or leisure industries.

Whether on day or overnight trips, whenever a group goes on a trip into natural areas they need to be prepared, and led by someone who has a high level of survival skills.  Every week in almost every country there are reports of individuals and groups missing in the wilderness, often quite close to help. Occassionally these events are fatal. They don't have to be.

This course builds an understanding of the things you are likely to confront when you leave civilisation and provides a foundation for preparing yourself and those who accompany you for any excursion into a natural area.

This course is valuable to people who may have a recreational interest in wilderness exploration, orienteers, tour guides, scout leaders, or ecotour business owners.

There are 10 lessons in this course:

  • Understanding Wilderness Areas
  • Equipment
  • Protection from the Elements
  • Natural Resources
  • Navigation
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • Camping
  • Passive Wilderness Activities
  • Water Based Adventure Activities
  • Active Land Based Adventure Activities


  • To appreciate the scope and implications of ecotourism opportunities in wilderness areas.
  • To be able to prepare for an excursion into a wilderness area
  • To determine appropriate methods of protecting against the elements.
  • To determine different uses for natural resources in the wilderness.
  • To be able to navigate in a wilderness area using a variety of different techniques.
  • To deal with a range of emergencies in a wilderness situation, including developing contingency plans and determining appropriate first aid.
  • Explain campsite establishment and management.
  • Determine appropriate procedures for managing different passive wilderness activities.
  • Determine appropriate procedures for managing different water based wilderness activities.
  • Determine appropriate procedures for managing different active wilderness activities

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