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Cell Biology Online Course

Cell Biology - Home Study Course complements studies in human health and fitness, horticulture, agriculture and wildlife.

Gain in-depth knowledgeofchemical composition and processes; tissues, nucleus, organelles, cell signalling, tissues and more.

Grasp the fundamentals of biology before studying a specialism enjoy learning about the fascinating world of science Cells are the units from which all living organisms are built. Some organisms (e.g. bacteria) have only one cell in the entire organism. Others are multicellular. A human body can contain an estimated 100,000 billion cells. Each cell is a self-contained and partially self-sufficient compartment designed to carry out a limited series of functions.

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There are 10 lessons in this course:

  • Introduction to Cells and Their Structure
  • Cell Chemistry
  • DNA, Chromosomes and Genes
  • Cell Division: Meiosis and Mitosis
  • Cell Membranes
  • Protein Structure and Function
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Food, Energy, Catalysis and Biosynthesis
  • Intracellular Compartments, Transport and Cell Communication
  • The Cell Cycle and Tissue Formation

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