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Herb Culture Online Course

Herb Culture Online Course

A useful course for the enthusiastic amateur or someone wanting to set up their own business.

This course is designed to develop a solid grounding in herb growing and the herb industry. Half of the course deals with general herb culture, including identification, soils, mulching, feeding, watering, propagation, pest & disease control, harvest, storage, processing, companion planting, nursery management and herb farming. The remainder of the course involves detailed studies of major groups of herbs such as: mints, thymes, lavenders, scented geraniums, garlic, roses, artemisias and parsley.

Study with the support of experienced and highly qualified tutors. Available as online course, or by correspondence. Payment Plans available.

There are 12 lessons in this course:

  • Introduction and Herb Identification
  • Processing And Using Herb Products
  • The Mints (Mentha spp.)
  • The Artemisias & Compositae (Asteraceae) - The Daisy Herbs
  • Umbelliferae Herbs (Apiaceae) - The Parsley Family
  • Onion Herbs (Liliaceae) - (e.g. Chives, Aloe vera)
  • Miscellaneous Herbs)
  • Natural Pest Control
  • Designing Herb Gardens
  • Herb Nursery Management
  • Herb Farming
  • Herb Enterprises


  • Differentiate between different varieties of herbs in cultivation.
  • Explain the general cultural practices used for the growing of herbs.
  • Determine harvest and post harvest techniques for herb crops, including processing, storage and use of herbs.
  • Develop a production plan for a herb crop grown for harvesting.
  • Develop a production plan for a herb nursery.
  • Design a herb garden for a home or public garden.
  • Evaluate the production of herbs or herb products in a commercial business.

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