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Home Propagation Online Course

Home Propagation

Save Money by Propagating your own Garden Plants at Home.

  • A starter course for students with no previous experience of propagation.
  • Covers all aspects of propagating plants.
  • Develop a sound knowledge in starting and running your own propagation nursery.
  • Learn about seed, cuttings, grafting, division, layering, materials and equipment.

Study with the support of experienced and highly qualified tutors. Available as online course, or by correspondence. Payment Plans available.

There are 10 lessons in this course:

  • Methods of propagation - overview
  • Propagating Structures & Equipment
  • Propagating Materials
  • Seed Propagation
  • Propagation by Cuttings
  • Miscellaneous Propagating Techniques - Division, layering, tissue culture.
  • Budding & Grafting
  • Propagation of Specific Plants
  • Nursery Management: Types of plant production (container, bare-rooted, etc.), nursery hygiene
  • Propagating Area: Layout & Organization


  • Obtain leaflets or catalogues plus prices for a range of plant containers.
  • Obtain samples of at least 6 different potting soil components and make up a mix which could be used for general potting of outdoor shrubs and trees into 6 inch pots.
  • Collect samples of at least six types of plant labels.
  • Collect at least three different types of seed to plant and germinate.
  • Obtain catalogues or price lists from at least six companies or organisations which supply seed.
  • Put in cuttings of at least three different types of plants.
  • Use diagrams to explain how you would grow four different cuttings.
  • Contact a bulb or herb farm to research the type of propagation program they have.
  • Carry out aerial layering.
  • Practice budding and grafting.
  • Prepare a work schedule for a propagation set up.
  • Design the layout for a new nursery or propagation area which would be ideal for your purposes.

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