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Motivation Online Course

Learn to motivate others and keep yourself motivated too!

Motivation is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals. Learn to motivate others and keep yourself motivated too! This is recommended course for anyone in a supervisory or management position and this course complements Management and Professional Supervision. 

Why learn motivation?

  • Motivated employees are needed in our modern workplaces
  • They help organizations survive
  • Motivated staff are more productive

So to be effective, managers need to understand what motivates employees within their roles. Of all the roles of a manager, motivating staff is likely the most complex, just like what motivates people is continuously changing. 

Study with the support of experienced and highly qualified tutors. Available as online course, or by correspondence. Payment Plans available.


There are 8 lessons in this course:

  • Introduction
  • Awareness
  • Tangible Rewards
  • Intangible Rewards
  • Negative Motivators
  • Initiating Motivation
  • Maintaining Motivation
  • Applications


  • Describe the nature and scope of motivation
  • Identify the differences between people that distinguish the application of motivational skills
  • Explain the significance of knowledge and understanding to motivation.
  • Explain the effects of Tangible Rewards (eg: Money, Services, Goods) as a major motivator.
  • Explain the effect of intangible Rewards (eg: Security, Ethics, Gratitude, Belief
  • Systems/Religion, Peer Pressure) as a major motivator.
  • Explain how actions can be motivated by negative motivators such as pain, suffering, discipline, threat), and distinguish this type of motivation from positive motivation.
  • Explain how to initiate motivation with an individual or group in a situation not previously confronted.
  • Explain how motivation can be maintained or increased in both successful and unsuccessful environments.
  • Identify a range of situations where motivational skills can be applied, and determine an appropriate way to initiate and maintain motivation in each of those situations.

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