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Nature Park Management A (Introduction) Online Course

Nature Park Management A (Introduction) Online Course

If your dream is to work outdoors with nature or animals; this course is right for you.

Suitable for anyone already working with or wishing to work with, national parks, wilderness parks or wildlife parks.

Park Management AI provides you with practical skills and knowledge to manage the challanges encountered in a rewarding position that is more of a lifestyle than a job. Get the skills you need to make correct decisions, big and small.

Study with the support of experienced and highly qualified tutors. Available as online course, or by correspondence. Payment Plans available.

There are 12 lessons in this course:

  • Introduction to Nature Park Management the role and scope of nature parks; the importance of indigenous vegetation in nature parks.
  • Basic Ecology the environment, plants and animals; ecosystem concepts.
  • Soil Management in Nature Parks soil characteristics and problems; earthworks.
  • Plant Maintenance basic gardening techniques; natural gardening; plant selection; succession planting; equipment.
  • Design of Nature/Wilderness Parks I collecting site information; preparing concept plans.
  • Design of Nature/Wilderness Parks II drawing the final plan; construction estimates; designing animal enclosures.
  • Weed Management characteristics of weeds; weed control; environmental weeds.
  • Pest and Disease Management management strategies; chemical safety.
  • Culture of Indigenous Plants techniques for establishing vegetation; planting design.
  • Tree Management role of trees in nature parks; tree maintenance plans; pruning and tree surgery.
  • Turf Care turf varieties in nature parks; lawn preparation, establishment and maintenance.
  • Rehabilitation: Problems and Solutions aims and strategies; soil problems and solutions in degraded sites.


  • Explain the importance of the interrelationships between various components of a natural environment within an ecosystem.
  • Develop management strategies for soils within a natural ecosystem.
  • Develop management strategies for plant maintenance practices, in nature parks.
  • Design a nature park, or a section within a nature park.
  • Develop management strategies for the control of weed problems in a nature park.
  • Develop management strategies for the rehabilitation of degraded sites in a nature park.

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