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There are certain skills you need to manage a retail outlet. Our Retail Management course is designed in conjunction with major retailer's and helps you learn the skills you need quickly and conveniently. Implement staff training Due to the pressures of competition and the need to meet organisational performances, a definite relationship between organisational goals and training has emerged. You will cover: Considering staff training, Assessing and confirming the need for training, Preparing the training, Delivering a training session & Evaluating a training session. Assess workplace competencies An essential aspect of developing team members is the ability to assess the individuals skills and knowledge. You will learn about: The assessment process, Assessment evidence, The assessment plan, Implementing the assessment activity, The assessment decision, Assessment records & Reviewing assessment. Leading & Managing People This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to lead and manage people. It involves developing and communicating team objectives developing and improving teams delegating responsibility consultation and actively supporting team members to achieve goals and store plans/targets. Provide a safe working environment    This unit covers developing and implementing policies and procedures relating to occupational health and safety issues. It involves consulting with staff assessing and controlling risks establishing and maintaining record systems and evaluating policies and procedures. Administer human resources policy  This unit teach you how to plan and manage human resources. It involves implementing staffing levels monitoring staff performance identifying and minimising potential industrial relations problems and developing and implementing training plans. Recruit and select personnel This unit will cover: Human Resource Planning, Identifying HR Needs, Staff Selection & EEO, Recruitment Policy, Conducting an Interview. Recruitment is a critical component of any retail managers task in making an retail outlet profitable. Financial Resources This unit involves the skills required to develop and implement financial control systems. It involves controlling cost and budget maintaining store accounting systems and developing and negotiating budget allocations. Control store security/loss Providing a suitable level of security is essential to minimise the potential risk of damage, loss or injury to the team, the store, its equipment or stock. This risk is not limited to traditional ‘shoplifting or armed robbery’. There are many potential risk areas to consider when implementing an effective loss prevention strategy. Control inventory Efficiently controlling the inventory of a retail store is critical to the long term profitability and survival of the store. Retailers make a sizeable investment in the inventory they keep every day. If this investment is not protected, the retailer may face financial losses that cannot be overcome. Manage merchandise and store operations  This unit involves managing store merchandising, planning and managing store advertising and promotions, managing store pricing policies and managing housekeeping. Manage sales and service delivery This unit involves market research developing new markets and marketing products and services within the culture of the overall store policy.


  • Fast track your career in retail management
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  • Study a retail management course that was designed in conjunction with major retailer's
  • Free up valuable time, don't wast time and money travelling to classes
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  • Have access to a tutor who works in the industry you are training for
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Start an exciting and challenging career as a Retail Manager in a fast growing industry. ICI Retail Management graduates have a wide range of skills to offer in the retail sector and business in general. They are able to reflect upon, understand and articulate the dynamics of establishing, operating and growing a retail sector business. Typical positions applicants apply for are: Retail Manager, Operations Manager, Merchandise Manager, Retail Buyer and Sales Manager. Our graduates have gone onto successful careers with large national retailers, smaller local retailers and a variety of other businesses. Some students have even fulfilled their dreams of becoming successful retail entrepreneurs themselves. The opportunities are endless and the future is bright for educated retail managers!


This course leads to the awarding of either a Certificate or Advanced Certificate depending on which level you enrol at. The different levels are achieved by the amount of course content and assessments involved within each module at the basic (Certificate) and advanced (Advanced Certificate) levels. You will be able to learn about what the difference is between the levels below:

1. Certificate: represents a basic level of operational knowledge with general knowledge. Suitable for basic entry level positions.

2.  Advanced Certificate: The graduate is able to apply a significant range of principles and techniques across various contexts and functions. Graduates can expect to be involved in significant judgments, planning, and leadership/guidance functions related to workplace products, services, operations or procedures.


This entire course is carried out via Distance Learning (also known as correspondence learning). Distance learning is ideal if you need to adapt around work, family, or other commitments. It is also extremely beneficial should you simply wish to fast track your studies (and career) and not be locked into a timetable. Places are limited, in demand and entry into the course is on a first come first served basis. Your enrolment is processed and acknowledged within 24 hours of the Institute receiving your application. You can expect to receive your course within days of enrolling. When you start your ICI course its at your own pace and you determine when you finish. Don't miss out. Enrol today!


1. Enrol Online The fastest way is to enrol online. Your details are kept secure and we don't share them with anyone. To enrol online:

1.  Visit:

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4.  Complete the secure online form.

2. Enrol via the Phone Call: 1300 131 582

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