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Are you thinking of working in the Security Industry? Perhaps you already are and are looking for ways to inhance your position. Whatever your needs, you have the courses and training you need. Below is a lit of courses available for you to study. When you find a course of interest, please request your free information pack. Duties and Tasks Security officers may perform the following tasks: * patrol areas and check doors, gates and windows for signs of unauthorised entry * watch for irregularities (e.g. fire hazards, leaking water pipes, lights left on, equipment malfunctions, unlocked security doors) and report incidents or problems to the appropriate authority * record times of inspections and presence of authorised persons * respond to alarms and check alarm systems * provide armed escort for payroll deliveries * observe and report suspects to police, or apprehend offenders when appropriate and detain them until police arrive * monitor computer alarm systems, closed circuit television (CCTV) systems and communicate by radio with mobile units to attend alarms * issue security passes, give directions and make security arrangements for authorised visitors * check travellers and their hand luggage to detect concealed weapons and explosives * detect and report fraud, shoplifting and other unlawful acts of employees or patrons of business establishments * provide armed protection for specific organisations (e.g. banks) * provide assistance to the public and clients. Personal Requirements * physically fit (may be required to pass a medical examination) * good hearing and eyesight (may be corrected) * observant * responsible and trustworthy * able to deal with members of the public in an official capacity * good communication and negotiation skills * age limits apply for the carrying of firearms * able to pass a police check

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