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Certificate IV In Understanding And Negotiating Sustainability Issues


There is a broad range of training in sustainability focusing on making workplace environments and practices more sustainable.  An example of this is the various green skills’ training programs that reflect practical efforts to put in place more efficient ways of generating and using energy or managing natural resources such as water.

This course reflects the need for another set of sustainability skills that are just as crucial – the critical ability to be able to communicate ideas about sustainability back and forth between people who come from very different backgrounds. These kinds of skills are vital to work toward developing common ground as we try and negotiate a sustainable way forward with one another.

This course will help you develop:

  • a better general understanding of the principles and ethos of sustainability
  • capacity to make informed sustainability assessments in workplaces and other situations
  • capacity to plan for participation in collaborative multi-party decision-making or problem-solving processes
  • capacity to predict and alleviate the risk of pitfalls that often undermine cross-sectoral negotiations
  • capacity to engender an interest in maintaining sustainable relationships even when contention threatens to erode goodwill

This course will help you develop a framework and a set of skills that are vital in situations where people have to negotiate a sustainable way forward with groups or organisations that have a very different work ethic or cultural background from each other.

Sustainability issues emphasise a need for planners working in the government sector, the business sector and the community to look beyond their own knowledge silos and forge a greater degree of consensus and common ground. There are growing demands on governments, businesses and community leaders to make plans and decisions together so as to meet our social and environmental needs not only in the present, but into the future. Yet we are often painfully aware of the extent to which negotiations between different stakeholder group founder and collapse.

Skills & Outcomes

Skills and knowledge gained in the Certificate IV in Understanding and Negotiating Sustainability Issues will help you develop a framework for understanding and becoming more personally engaged with ideas about sustainability and how to apply the principles to real-life situations, whatever your own particular interests or line of work.  This course will give you an edge as businesses and organisations increasingly respond to the call to take sustainable development into account in all aspects of their work.  It will also help you develop a set of skills that are vital in situations where people have to negotiate a sustainable way forward with groups or organisations that have a very different work ethic or cultural background from each other.

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Course Requirements

19 core units of competency must be completed


Upon successful completion of this course participants will be awarded the nationally recognised qualification Certificate IV in Understand and Negotiating Sustainability Issues (52358).

Duration for training

The duration of a course depends greatly on you, the time you have to dedicate to the learning activities and assessments and the timeframe in which you want to complete the course.  All courses do have a maximum timeframe in which they need to be competed, however the minimum is set by you.

Competency Based Training & Assessment

Participants enrolled in training leading to either a statement of attainment or certificate are required to complete assessments to demonstrate competency.     Competency based assessment is the process of gathering evidence to confirm that participants can perform required skills and knowledge.  


No prior learning is required for this qualification..

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