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Diploma Of Sustainable Operations

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The Diploma of Sustainable Operations addresses skills and knowledge required by those in a managerial, technical or operational role to measure and manage sustainability performance across the whole of an organisation and its value chain (e.g. suppliers of goods or services and customers). It focuses on the development of strategy, auditing and continuous improvement systems, with a mix of general and specific sustainability units of competency. This includes specific units for conducting water and energy audits and completion of regulatory reporting on organisational sustainability. 

Who is this qualification for?

The Diploma of Sustainable Operations is suited to people who have sustainability as either their primary work role or where sustainability is a major part of a broader work role. It does not provide technical or engineering skills; it is designed to provide skills that complement existing technical or operational skills. This qualification is not suitable for direct entry from school. It targets employees who have enterprise level responsibility for:

  • Developing a business case or strategy for sustainability changes
  • Auditing and other carbon and carbon equivalent measuring
  • Formal reporting against standards and regulations
  • Conducting life cycle analyses
  • Designing a sustainable product or process
  • Working with value chain members on sustainability
  • Liaison with other organisations and community representatives to develop solutions.

Skills & Outcomes

It provides the skills and knowledge required to work in a technical, supervisory or operational role in sustainability in an organisation and/or its value chain. Key skills covered by the MSS50112 Diploma of Sustainable Operations include regulatory commercial reporting on sustainability for an organisation, calculating carbon and carbon equivalent usage and emissions reduction or elimination of waste (as in ‘muda’ under lean manufacturing), sustainability auditing of material, energy, water usage and transport. Skills and knowledge gained will enhance sustainability, efficiency, compliance and minimise the environmental impacts of operational processes within an organisation. It builds employee competencies that assist in meeting regulatory, governmental or other requirements.


Upon successful completion of this course participants will be awarded the nationally recognised qualification Diploma of Sustainable Operations (MSS50112).

Course Requirements

4 core units with the remaining units from 3 groups of electives.

Vocational Outcomes

Managers, Engineering Officers and Technical Officers with full or part time responsibility for sustainability strategy, auditing and improvements in an enterprise will benefit. It may also apply to external consultants, Environmental Officers, Environmental Protection Officers, Environmental Compliance Officers and others in government, consulting or auditing firms who may have responsibility for the auditing and improvement of the internal operations of an enterprise.

Duration for training

The duration of a course depends greatly on you, the time you have to dedicate to the learning activities and assessments and the timeframe in which you want to complete the course.  All courses do have a maximum timeframe in which they need to be competed, however the minimum is set by you.

Competency Based Training & Assessment

Participants enrolled in training leading to either a statement of attainment or certificate are required to complete assessments to demonstrate competency.     Competency based assessment is the process of gathering evidence to confirm that participants can perform required skills and knowledge.  


No prior learning is required for this qualification..

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