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This glossary includes terms and abbreviations likely to be found on this site and in associated educational and training publications. Where a term has a broader general meaning, the definition given here refers to its use in the vocational education and training context.

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Kangan ReportIn full, TAFE in Australia: Report on Needs in Technical and Further Education. The report (published in 1974) of the Australian Committee on Technical and Further Education, chaired by Myer Kangan. The report examined needs and priorities in technical and further education and made a series of recommendations, particularly in relation to funding. The report recognised the importance of technical and further education as an integral part of the nations education system, and saw its primary role as the development of the individual rather than merely the development of skilled manpower. Other themes of the report included the need to provide opportunities for recurrent education to people throughout life, the need to link general and vocational education, the need to create pathways in education and training, the need for flexible delivery, and the need for research and data collection.

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